The best machinery for concrete slab foundations

So, you’re looking to take the plunge of casting concrete slab foundation or similar projects and interested to know about machinery choices. Well, handling such a project can be a big challenge as you need the best machinery. You need to dig enormous amount of soil and deal with cubage of concrete on the go.

With such, you need a versatile piece of equipment that can tackle variety of tasks like digging, lifting, pouring, and spreading. The best way is to understand all your choices and pick one that goes well with the budget you have. But as you’re spending a fortune, you should make a solid decision only after going through a deep market research.

Only then you’d be able to get best machinery that will work right away and one that will last. So, here’s a brief guide in selecting the best machinery for concrete slab foundations project.


Excavator is an essential piece of equipment that you will use not only to pour the concrete but also to dig for the foundation. You also need to make a pad for the dump truck where it will not tip or damage the concrete. You can also use crane to pour concrete but excavator is a versatile piece of equipment.

Excavators are extremely durable and work best in concrete pouring projects. They can handle some rough handling and they are not likely to break or damaged. They are also not likely to tip over even when there is a lot undulation in the soil surface. The excavator is probably the best choice for someone who is placing concrete slabs in a rugged environment.

Mobile concrete mixer

The next consideration for your project will be the Mobile Concrete Mixer. Now you have three combinations for concrete pouring: the crane with the bucket, the mobile concrete mixer and the boom truck. Each of these pieces of equipment will be different in how they work and what they cost. Each of them has benefits and drawbacks. Your job needs to take this into consideration when making your final decision.

Using mobile crane

One benefit of the crane and mobile concrete mixer is that they allow you to pour the concrete from farther away. This is especially beneficial if your concrete slab will be placed somewhere that is not accessible by a standard truck. With a typical dumper, you can pour concrete directly by lifting the back lid of the truck to allow the concrete to be poured. The combination of crane and mobile concrete mixer allows you to place concrete slabs anywhere you like without much hassle.

There are several downsides to each of the three choices when it comes to choosing the best machinery for concrete slab foundations. For one thing, crane is quite large and heavy. It is not something that can easily be moved. So maneuverability is a big concern with a crane on smaller projects.

That’s where a mini-excavator comes handy. A smaller excavator or one that is more stable could be a better option for concrete pouring in tight spaces. Like, if you want to place slabs around a pool, there are also issues with unevenness or damage caused by the large excavator. For those jobs, we recommend you to use a mini-excavator.

The bottom line

In conclusion, it is important to understand how you can use combination of these equipments to turn things in your favor. Anyhow, you need to consider factors like scope of work, extent of site, volume of excavation and relevant factors to choose the best machinery for your requirements. These factors will help you choose the right piece of equipment for your project. If you’re still unsure about the selection, you can call us to choose the best machinery.


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